Sure-Strip Sealer Stripper

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Many sealers will not adhere to an existing layer of sealer, or will produce a haze if applied on top of incompatible products.


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“SureStrip” Fast Acting Sealer Stripper


· Easy To Use
· Safe
· Fast Acting
· Strips Variety of Sealers/Coatings
· Easy To Rinse
· Ready To Use

SureStrip is a technologically advanced sealer stripper that has a wide range of applications. SureStrip is designed for the removal of acrylics, acrylic latex, polyurethane and other resin coatings and sealers from virtually any type of hardscape surface with minimal or no brushing. SureStrip can also be used as a spot cleaner to remove paint spots.

SureStrip’s unique Clean Rinse Technology allows residue to be quickly and easily rinsed away with a high or low pressure washer. Protect plant materials from overspray and contact.

SureStrip is the sealer stripper of choice by contractors for both routine maintenance and restoration. It can be used to prepare your surface for sealing in tandem with S.R.B. (Stain & Rust Buster) for spot stain cleaning, Efflo Off for removal of efflorescence, SureClean for general purpose cleaning and Oil Extractor for oil stain removal. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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