Straw Blanket 4′ x 50′


Includes wooden hold-down stakes!

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The purpose of this blanket is to give your grass seed a better chance to germinate and for your grass to survive those first critical weeks.  It works simply by retaining moisture and controlling erosion.  It also makes it more difficult for pesky birds to get at your seed, and the blanket does serve as a deterrent to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Germination blanket is cheap insurance against adverse lawn-starting conditions.  Straw blanket is the easiest to use, most economical type of blanket.  It is offered in (unwrapped) 8′ or 4′ rolls, 112′ long, or a neatly wrapped 4′ x 50′ kit with wooden stakes.

Installation Instructions:
Properly prepare, fertilize and seed area to be covered before blanket is applied. When the blanket is unrolled, netting should be on top and fibers in contact with the soil over the entire area. In ditches, apply blankets either horizontally or vertically to slope, butt end and sides, and then staple. It is not necessary to dig check slots, anchor ditches or bury ends of blankets unless called for in design specifications.

Stapling Instructions:
Use wire staples 0.091” in diameter, “U” shaped with legs 4”-6” in length and 1” crown. Size and gauge of staples used will vary with soil conditions. Drive staples vertically into the ground. Use four staples across at the start of each roll. For slopes installation, continue to staple along the length of the roll at six foot intervals. For ditch liner, staple along the length of the roll at four foot intervals. Another row of staples in the center of each blanket should be alternately spaced between each side for either slope or ditch. Use a common row of staples on adjoining blankets.

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Dimensions 4 × 50 in

4' x 112', 4' x 50' Kit, 8' x 112'