SB-10 Paver Bond

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“SB-10” Paver Bond


• Adheres to Wet & Frozen Surfaces
• Quick Curing & High Strength
• Structural Grade Construction Adhesive
• Application Between 0 & 100 Degrees F


Product Info: SB-10 Paver Bond is a quick curing, high strength, structural grade construction adhesive. It is water resistant and freeze-thaw stable. Adheres well to frozen and wet surfaces. Applies as an easy gun-grade mastic. Durable enough to withstand extreme wear and tear including heavy vehicular traffic. Naturally level and shims. For exterior use only. Retaining walls and caps, concrete, coping systems, masonry, brick, natural and manufactured stone, slate, interlocking & hard tile pavers. Also adheres to other building materials such as treated lumber, aluminum foil back sheathing, gypsum, fiberglass, wood, metals and composite decking materials. Not designed for continuous submersion or for use on polystyrene or polystyrene foams.

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