Firewood Delivery (full face cords)


Select your area below, click add to cart (with your firewood) – when you check out you may select your preferred delivery date.  We will deliver 1-6 face cords to your home for one delivery charge,  so stock up and save!

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For a small charge, we hand-load your firewood onto our dump truck and bring it to your driveway.  The wood is kept separate from other orders to ensure accuracy, although on busy weeks our truck may have several orders on one delivery route.  For this and other reasons we may have to make your delivery on the same day as other customers.  Let us know what day you would prefer and we will let you know how close we can get!

On the agreed upon delivery day, please mark the drop area on the driveway (the truck cannot leave the paved surface)  and leave us a check on the door.

Our closest towns are listed here on the website, if yours is not shown just give us a call and we can quote the delivery charge over the phone.

We deliver full face cords only, stacking is not available at this time.

For more details, please see out Firewood Info page

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Delivery Area

1) Hampshire, Burlington, 2) Elgin (West of Randall), Genoa, Marengo (S. of 20), Union, Huntley, Gilberts, Pingree Grove, Campton Hills, 3) Wasco, Sycamore, Kingston, Kirkland, Marengo (N. of 20), LITH, Algonquin, Lakewood