Efflo-Off Efflorescence, Mineral, and Salt Remover

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“Efflo Off” Efflorescence, Mineral & Salt Deposit Cleaner


· Powerful
· Safe
· Environmentally Friendly
· Easy to Rinse
· Works with all Surebond Sealers
· Works on horizontal and vertical surfaces
· Concentrated
Efflo Off is a buffered, concentrated, non-acid, organic salts technologically advanced cleaner designed for the removal of efflorescence, mineral and salt deposits from virtually any type of hardscape surface with minimal or no brushing.

Efflo Off is mild but may be corrosive to certain woods, metals, and plants. Covering may be required.

Efflo Off’s unique Clean Rinse Technology lifting power allows residue to be quickly and easily rinsed away with a high or low pressure washer.

Efflo Off’s biodegradable and environmentally friendly formula replaces several types of harsh acid cleaners. Phosphate free. Its alkaline nature will help neutralize acid based detergents and cleaners.

Efflo Off is the cleaner of choice by contractors for both routine maintenance and restoration. It can be used to prepare your surface for sealing in tandem with S.R.B. (Stain & Rust Buster) and/or Oil Extractor for spot stain cleaning. The product can be used to clean and maintain Surebond sealed pavements as it is compatible with all Surebond sealer products. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.