Charcoal Briquettes

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$12.99/Full 20 lb Bag!

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Our briquettes compare pretty closely to the famous, wildly popular brand developed by Henry Ford’s brother-in-law.  The difference is that ours is closer to their competition blend (at a fraction of the cost), having no fillers or binders such as borax.  Ours are 100% hardwood for a clean, long-lasting burn.  We store our product inside to regulate humidity, when you want to stock up, you can back up the car and we’ll help you load.  Several of our customers have reported great results, including KCBS awards while using this reasonably priced competition-grade charcoal.0150cef8810cfd9e83f3c2a6b20bca79de6dc98a8fseancharcoal1

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Weight 20 lbs