Bagged Products

We like to keep our most popular product available in bags for touch-ups or smaller projects. Not everyone needs a 5 yard delivery, and for those instances we offer bagged product that can be picked up here at the farm.

One of the biggest questions we get is: “How many bags in a yard?” (The short answer is 13.5) Our Mulch Calculator will help you determine how much mulch you need in cubic feet or cubic yards (27 cubic feet in one cubic yard). Mulch bags are 2 cubic feet (ours are, other stores and gas stations often sell 1.5cf or other volumes).

We offer the same high-quality product in bags that we sell in bulk, often from the same vendor. That means you can get premium product, dependably, season after season in smaller quantities when the need arises from our convenient “Dry Goods” covered loading area. Just back the car right up to the pallets and toss the bags into the trunk, If you definitely need assistance call ahead, but there is usually someone available to help out.

We try to keep bags in stock from April 1 till the end of July, running down the inventory steadily through September.

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