Outdoor Lighting

We have been a distributor of Unique Lighting Products for several years.  They have excellent products and make it possible to design a fantastic system that will work every night.

The problem with cheaper lighting products is that hey just don’t last under outdoor conditions.  Add to that the ridiculous wiring techniques that they recommend and your failure rate is pretty high.

Unique offers several product categories, including one with a Lifetime Warranty.  The proven Hub system, with their own line of transformers make the system easy to install and simple to maintain.  LED bulbs keep power consumption low and provide design savings for new installations.

Oh, the picture on this page?  That is an actual customer of ours – not some random beautiful lighting picture from the web.  It looks better in person, and its been working great for about 10 years now.  If you would like to get this kind of result, we would be glad to walk you through the process.