February Update

Our (oldest) Hickory is averaging 20% moisture, just a tad high for fireplace burning, but probably suitable for BBQ guys.  All other firewood is aging, not quite ready to burn – We will have plenty available for backyard fires this summer!  Also a new faster, brighter burning mix we are calling Campfire Blend.

Mulch Grinding has begun.  Bean’s Blend is being made a few weeks earlier this year to help develop a darker color by spring.

Bagged mulch will arrive the week of March 1st!

We have decided to repeat our Grill Giveaway this year, a winner will be drawn at random from our E-Mail list – details to follow.

This Website is brand spanking new, and may have a glitch here and there.  Let us know if you see something that needs fixing, and thanks for your patience as we bring it up to speed.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.



Tim Bean