What do you charge for delivery?

Each product has a delivered price listed in the Home Delivery category.  This is the price we charge for a delivery to the town of Hampshire.  We do charge extra for deliveries that take more time/fuel.  The list of those charges can be seen here: delivery rates 2016 or by entering your zip code in the shopping cart after selecting your product.

Please note that the zip code method is great for computers, there are some exceptions.  If you feel the computer is “just not getting it”, please feel free to call us at 847-683-1013.

Also note that a few zip codes that span the Fox River have different rates East and West.  Each order submitted via this website is subject to review and modification, you will have the opportunity to approve or reject any changes made.

One final note, delivery rates are based on a round trip, including loading and unloading time, traffic and road restrictions.  These may be very different from the time needed to drive a car one way.   The time is exponentially more expensive in an commercial vehicle with strict safety, licensing and registration requirements, in a time-sensitive season.

Thanks for your understanding!