There is something special about cooking outside.   If it’s just brats with dad, chicken for a family dinner,  or a pig roast for the whole neighborhood, you’ll remember the event long after the taste fades from memory.  If you are fortunate enough to have memories like these, be sure to keep adding new ones for those around you.  The products in our BBQ section are designed to help you make those memories, and some great food!

Now, if you want to take a great pastime and absolutely cut it to pieces, multiplying the costs and effort, then competition BBQ is for you.   We have dabbled in this world and it’s a little like a cult.  The people are welcoming and willing to help if you ask nice, and because basically only 10 out of 40 win anything, there are a lot of losers  to commiserate with.   Then, by luck or by skill, when you do get to be one of the 10 that win, the crowd claps politely and your friends cheer wildly.  You are awarded a $10 trophy that cost you about $1000.  And you are ecstatic!

We can help there, too with cooking wood and charcoal, maybe a cooker to get you started (you will need several, each much more expensive than the last) .    We can’t help you explain to your boss why you need to take off every Friday this summer.