A sketch drawn by an engineer developing the FermiLab property, Ivan Alten

In the same family since 1854, a lot has changed on our farm over the years. Some things, however have not. My Great Great Grandfather first planted a small orchard here to help provide for his family. This year I do the same to help provide for mine and for future generations. While we are waiting for the apple trees to bear fruit, feel free to look at our great selection of Mulch and landscape materials. Our Garden & Home sections has top quality garden products at competitive prices. We stock the items needed to get most landscape chores without wasting time. We have recently added a very nice line of candles to this department – check them out! Finally, If you like grilling out as much as we do, please stop by and check out our BBQ products. Tell us your favorite grilling recipe and we’ll tell you ours!
Thanks for looking – Tim Bean